Aurora Ratza


The Village of Millington taxes are sent out on June 1st of every year. Taxes are due August 31st of each year. Taxes can be paid to the Village of Millington on or before September 14th without penalty or interest.

Any payments not received on or before September 14th must be sent to Tuscola County Treasurer at 125 W.Lincoln Street  Caro, MI  48723  (989)672-3890.

2019 Village Tax Rates:                     General Operating:              11.5874

                                                           Village Improvements:           2.3522

                                                           Total Millage:                       13.9396

Tax bills are sent to the homeowner unless they are in an escrow, then the bank, mortgage company or tax service must request the property tax amount from the Village.

The Village of Millington is in Millington Township; therefore, all assessments are completed by the Millington Township Assessor. Please check your assessed valuation. Report any errors to Millington Township at 989-871-4418.

You will receive 3 tax bills:

Village of Millington – Due August 31st – to be paid at the Village of Millington Office until September 14th.

Millington Township – Due February 28th. – to be paid at the Millington Township Office.

Tuscola County – Due September 15th  (these are the school tax) – to be paid at the Tuscola County Treasurer’s office.