Department of Public Works

Garth Ratza - Department of Public Works Superintendent
Michael Schiefer - Department of Public Works Assistant Superintendent
John Mallard -  Department of Public Works Laborer
Street and Road Maintenance

The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides a wide range of municipal services such as:  Street maintenance, snow removal, tree trimming and removal within street right-of-ways, street sign replacement, municipal building maintenance, public water service, storm water management, just to name a few.


The DPW provides snow removal, shoulder maintenance, pothole patching, public sidewalk and curb repair, and signage services for 1 mile of state trunk line, 1.63 miles of major streets and 5.38 miles of local streets.


Water Infrastructure

The Village of Millington’s water system includes 2 wells connected to 9.2 miles of pipe and one 300,000 gallon water tower.

Residents with issues with their water meters, water mains or other water system problems should contact the Village Office at 989-871-2702. The full-time DPW and Wastewater crews can be found any given weekday working to maintain and keep the Village of Millington running smoothly.  Any and all requests for work go through the Village Office at 989-871-2702.


Water Quality Report

Water quality in the Village of Millington is routinely monitored by the DPW.  Results from this monitoring can be seen any time in our annual Water Quality Report. (CCR 2022)


Hydrant Flushing

Fire hydrants get flushed twice a year, usually in April and October, and generally done during the night in order to least impact residents. This is a mandated requirement of the water system.  Pipes holding water overtime build up deposits causing water quality problems. This bi-annual flushing is to prevent such deposits from occurring.


Waste Water Stabilization Lagoon

The Village of Millington Wastewater Stabilization Lagoon’s (WWSL) primary responsibility is to safely treat wastewater before returning it to the area waterway.  The goal of wastewater treatment in any community is to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and to protect the environment for human and aquatic life.  Wastewater treatment is essential in protecting our natural resources as well as a defense against water pollution. 


Storm Water Inspection

The Village of Millington is working towards stopping any unnecessary water from flowing into the sanitary sewer system.  The sanitary sewer system needs to be treated and with sump pump water, roof gutter water etc...flowing into the system, the Village has to treat water that does not require treatment.  The Village requires that when a house is sold in the Village, that the house undergoes a Storm Water Inspection.  The purpose of this inspection is to reduce the volume of storm water going into the Village sanitary sewer system.  If you are selling your home, please fill out the following form and return to the Village Office.   Cost of this inspection is $75.00.  Click to access Storm Water Inspection Application here.