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Spring Cleanup - May 6 - 17, 2024

 Dumpsters for the spring cleanup will be located at 4675 Bishop at the DPW garage. 

There will be a dumpster for trash and a separate dumpster for tires.  This is for Village residents only.




Millington is a village in Tuscola County in the U.S. state of Michigan.
The population was 1,072 at the 2010 census. The village is located within Millington Township.

Millington and the surrounding area is known as a "bedroom community" of both Saginaw, Michigan and Flint, Michigan. Primary employment is manufacturing related and agricultural. The community is long known for the manufacture of refrigerated truck bodies, automobile parts and general commerce. The Murphy Lake State Game Area is located some 4 miles east and northeast of Millington. Millington is served by a K-12 public school system (the Cardinals) and a K-8 Lutheran (St. Paul Lutheran) parochial school. Arbela Township, located west of Millington is closely associated and considered part of the Millington community. The area is served by the Millington/Arbela Fire Department.

Millington Historical Timeline

In 1822, the government survey named the stream running through Millington, Millington Creek. 

The first white settler in Millington was Edwin C. Brainerd on December 24, 1850. 

The first Millington school was established in 1856. 

Amos Wolverton became the first postmaster of Millington on June 29, 1857. 

Lane and Wolfe built a saw mill in 1859. 

The village was platted in 1860 and named Lanesville, formerly known as Podunk. 

Around 1866, the village was once again called Millington, and in 1872 it was re-platted and officially named Millington by D.M. Blocher (the first village president), Samuel Atwood and Joel Beckwith.  Millington was incorporated as a village in 1877.

First Village President was D.N. Blocher
First Council Members: I.T. Damon, M.M. Atwood, Anthony DeWitt, Jacob Hoover and Arthur B. Gould.

The Village newspaper, the Millington Messenger, was established by Mr. Patterson.  The name was changed later to the Millington Retina, Millington Gazette, Millington Herald and is now once again, the Millington Messenger.

In 1873, a railroad was constructed through the Village, providing coal, building materials and farm machinery.  The coming of the railroad also provided exports such as grains, potatoes, livestock, lumber & pine shingles.

The following proclamation was made at the centennial of the village in August 1954: 
“WHEREAS, the first recorded settler of Millington, Township was E.E. Brainerd who settled in section six, December 1850 and was the only white settler until 1853, and

WHEREAS, the first settlement in Millington Township, originally known as Podunk, was platted Lanesville in 1860, later platted as Millington in 1872, and

WHEREAS, it is fitting that the citizens of Millington Township and the Village of Millington honor the memory of these early settlers and commemorate the thriving existence of our township and village for 100 years.”

2004 – 150TH Anniversary Celebration    “Where the Past & Present Meet”