Site Plan Review 


Development projects in the Village of Millington are required to go thru a site plan review and approval process unless otherwise specified.  This ensures that the proposed development, land use, or activity meets the standards of the zoning ordinance and any applicable state or federal statutes.  Site plans are reviewed by the Site Plan Review Committee.  Boards and Committees


All projects require site plan review except:

  • Single Family and Duplex Residences on individual parcels and their accessory structures.
  • Non-residential accessory structures under five hundred (500) square feet.
  • Expansions of under five hundred (500) square feet to existing structures.

Zoning Ordinance Article 10 Section 1001 (page 10-1)


01 - Pre-Application Meeting – if requested


Meet with staff to:

  • Learn about Site Plan Review
  • Verify if other Village Council or Committees are required to be contacted.     Boards and Committees
  • Finalize the Site Plan Review submittal
  • Determine if three weeks is sufficient from time of completed submittal to schedule a Site Plan Review Committee Meeting (larger projects may require additional time)

   Site Plans & documentation are NOT required at this meeting, but you are welcome to bring them if you have them.  To schedule a review meeting, please contact the Planning Commission Chairperson, Theron Nesbitt at 989-482-8021 or Zoning Administrator Jeff Bassett at 989-737-9802 to schedule a review meeting.


Contact Zoning Administrator:   Jeff Bassett 989-737-9802 Email: Send Jeff an email Click here   

Planning Commission Chairperson:   Ted Wager 989-225-2704  Email:  Send Ted an email Click here 


02 – Prepare Your Plans

Fill out the Site Plan Application. {Link to Site Plan Application} Use the Site Plan Review Checklist to guide the development of plans and documentation.  Incomplete submittals will NOT be scheduled for review.  Please check with the Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission Chairperson if you are unclear on what is required for your project.


Digital submission of the application, plans, & the checklist are required in PDF format.  In addition, please also submit 1 set of reduced plans (11” x 17”)

Fees are due at the time of submittal.

If the submittal is complete, a Site Plan Review Committee meeting will be scheduled (a sample timeline can be found here).


03 – Site Plan Review Committee Meeting

Site Plans are reviewed by a committee comprised of multiple Village Departments, including Planning Commission, Economic Development and Public Services.  For most projects, the time between submittal of a complete application to a Site Plan Review Committee Meeting is three (3) weeks.  Larger projects may require additional time; this can be determined during the Pre-Application meeting.

Any comments from the Committee’s review will be provided to you in advance of the Site Plan Review Committee meeting.  Plan revisions based upon these comments are not required before the meeting, but are intended to ensure a productive discussion and meeting.

Site Plan Review Committee meetings take place at the Village Municipal Office 8569 State Street, Millington, MI  48746.  You will be notified when the meeting has been scheduled.

Required Documentation:  Application, Fee, Checklist, Required Plans & Documentation 

Payments can be made with check, cash or credit/debit card.  Credit/debit cards have a 3% convenience fee attached.

Contact:  Zoning Administrator:  Jeff Bassett 989-737-9802

              Planning Commission Chairperson:  Theron Nesbitt 989-482-8021 

Timeline Calendar Sample
 Site Plan Flowchart

04 – Revised Site Plan – if applicable

After the Site Plan Review Committee meeting, a summary will be sent to guide plan revision.

Schedule of submission of revised plans, based on Committee comments.

  • Submitted within one (1) month of date of summary being sent, they will be reviewed within five (5) business days.
  • Submitted later than one (1) month of date of summary being sent, review of the revised plans will take ten (10) business days. 

05 – Final Site Plan

Approval of the Site Plan will be noted by a letter of approval and signed plans.  NO permits for construction or site preparation will be awarded prior to Site Plan approval.

06 – Provide Feedback

After your Site Plan Review has been completed, please let us know how your experience was.  We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and make things easier and your feedback is invaluable.  Please take our brief survey here.  The survey takes approximately two minutes to complete.  Scroll down for survey.

Was this your first experience with the Site Plan Review Process in the Village of Millington?
2. Was the application process, review milestones and timeline clear?
3. How effective was your meeting with the Site Plan Review Committee?
Did we adhere to the stated review timeline?
How much time elapsed between the Site Plan Review Committee meeting for your project and when you provided your revised plans?
Overall, how would you rate the Site Plan Review Process?
Do you have any other comments, suggestions or feedback regarding the Site Plan Review Process?
Thank you for sharing your feedback.